Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Save on Meats on Hastings

I DO NOT Like this place...tried...cried...not returning!The porridge was nasty four banana slices and a handful of walnuts from the doesn't seem necessary you could for the same price add a handful more bananas and throw the dang walnuts in the oven for a bit! Just terrible!  The only up is a $4 price tag but come on its just technique it doesn't cost you more to be thoughtful this is a brutal bowl of porridge.  My friend had rubber eggs burnt toast and hollow potatoes...  good thing they have a reality show...that otta pay the bills ...or at least I hope so cause they are waaay missing the mark here

Monday, 26 March 2012

Revolver on Cambie between Hastings and Cordova

BEST new coffee joint in the hood!

This place is so fun...they make my coffee addiction look like a past time rather than a conviction :)

I buy all my beans here as the selection is crazy good.  Usually roasted within days before you buy they also will grind them for you if you haven't recently purchased a new kick ass grinder like me :) (Army n Navy on Cordova $29.99 has lots of settings and does an automatic grind)

Enjoy your java friends...if you go to Revolver you're sure to.
All utensils up!!!

Great causes don't come around every day 
(okay they do ... but do they all taste this good ?)

Make a difference. Dine out & support people living with HIV/AIDS
Dining Out For Life is BC’s largest restaurant fundraiser, benefiting A Loving Spoonful and Friends For Life.
Over 215 restaurants from Whistler to White Rock and across the Fraser Valley will contribute 25% of their sales that day to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Participating restaurants from Whistler to White Rock and across the Fraser Valley have raised over $3 million for HIV/AIDS support services over 16 years. Invite your friends & dine out on March 29.